Medicine of Love

An Ancient Prayer

3-9 July 2023

Welcoming you into a journey back to the truth of who you are..

What is the Medicine of Love about?


we are welcoming you into the sixth Medicine of Love deep immersion journey.

What transforms our retreats into life-changing initiation journeys, is a powerful medicine initiation process fused with finely selected somatic temples, rituals, practices and the feeling of a soul tribe for life. Each initiation carries a uniquely crafted curriculum, which guides us all into the exploration of specific realms of consciousness - uncovering tales, turning the stones and finding deeper truth, purpose & power.

The Medicine of Love team is passionate about demystifying paradigms held up by a critical mass of society, uncovering the tales woven into it and guiding us back into the origin - beyond the narrative, beyond fear, beyond limitation. These journeys carry the vibration of mystic remembrance and are allowing us to drink from the cup of ancient wisdom, to let us truly arrive home.

Let us dive right into the specifics of our upcoming initiation:

An Ancient Prayer -
a unique offering to remember our prayers & harmonize our masculine - feminine energetics

In this journey we are arrive deeply home into the remembrance of our eternal spirit - and the one heart, the one prayer, the one dream, that unifies us all as a tribe.

We would love to share this sacred space with you and listen to our unique prayers, nourish them, strengthen them and allow them to fly. How beautiful it is to witness our brothers and sisters to rise into the embodiment of all the magick, they are here to share. In order to bring our medicine into this world, we will be confronted with our feminine * masculine dynamics - internally and externally. During our time together, we will be strengthening our inner union and also dive into sacred masculine * sacred feminine healing rituals together. Everything outside of us serves as a mirror, as a gateway to wholeness. And what a gift it is, that we get to do this together!

We invite you into this 7 day spirit activation journey, an awakening as remembrance to our ancient and new-found purpose - individually and connected, as a heart family. How does it feel to be truly embraced? The power of tribe reveals, when we become vulnerable, giving space to reset our nervous systems, letting go of the wounds, stories and trauma we carry. From this place, our heart, body and spirit can merge into deeper trust with life. It is our birthright to be connected to ourselves, to spirit, to the truth, to love beyond the veils, beyond the person(al horizon). This initiation offers a consecrated space, a home of refuge to fully drop into the inner most high in order to listen to our deepest prayers. Our time will be a constant reminder to return to the inner temple and perceive life as an ongoing ceremony, as the ultimate Mystery School itself.

Eternal blessings and love - together, we will create a world full of magick!

Mystery & Ra

Sacred medicine journeys

All space holders are initiated and walking a devoted medicine path. You can safely surrender into our guidance and will not only be held, but lovingly supported throughout your entire process.

During the initiation journey, we will be working with the Grandmother medicine in two night time ceremonies and one Grandfather daytime ceremony.

All plant medicines are sustainably sourced and come from from befriended wisdom keepers.

Somatic Temples & Rituals

The rituals, somatic release and self-discovery temple session are an important pillar of the Medicine of Love.

This type of work helps to prepare, digest and fully activate the transmissions of the medicine work into every cell of your being, as well as shifting you into vibrational alignment with the unique initiation process you are receiving.

These temple sessions will not only offer you important tools for life, but also serve as a holistic integration of the work with the sacred plant guides.

Medicine of Love Tribe

An inclusive, loving, all accepting healing commUNITY- our beloveds have fallen in love here, found their best mate and a soul family, they always knew existed.

This family is not only there for you during our initiation journey, but also through the ups & downs afterwards. This medicine tribe is for real!

I am in..

If you are resonating with our initiation deeply, please fill out this form, so we can sent you all the information to join us in this journey of a lifetime. 

Practical Information

3 July - 9 July 2023

Eden - New Earth Sanctuary
Orgiva, Spain
Closest airports: Malaga & Granada

Arrival between 1 and 3pm on the 3rd of July is recommended. 
Initiation journey starts on the 3rd of July at 5 pm CET.


7 day medicine initiation journey 
7 days, 6 nights shared accomodation in Eden healing center
3 vegan (with vegetarian options) meals a day, tea & fruit available all day

Full Price Initiation Journey
New Members of the Tribe

1.333 €

Reduced Price Initiation Journey
Medicine of Love Tribe

1.111 €

Please reach out to us, if you are not in a financially abundant space.
We are devoted to making this experience accessible for everybody, that feels the calling and are giving out a few reduced spots.

Not included in the price
Flights and transport to the retreat center. 
(We will set up transport from the airport to the retreat center and  organise shared taxi's.)

Optional integration days after the initiation journey in Eden - 60 Euro per night

Meet your Medicine of Love team

Mystery An’Ahá

Creatrix of the Medicine of Love, medicine woman, curandera ceremony musician, keeper of the mystic arts and Priestess of Love.

Mystery holds medicine initiation journeys dedicated to the liberation into love, truth, the Divine and deep rooted, vulnerable personal power. Her work is a unique fusion of South American Shamanism, Curanderismo, ritualistic portals, somatic temples, celestial transmissions and inviting deep remembrance beyond the veils.

Ra Ouroborus

Visionary creator, co-founder of Medicine of Love, medicine man and father of 3.

He has devoted his life to creating deep, impactful healing spaces. Ra will co-facilitate all rituals and share his medicine music, as well as healing presence during all ceremonies.

Borja & Sophie

Borja is a Medicine man, space holder and a deeply healing presence.

Sophie is an Alchemist, a witch and weaves her gifts effortlessly into the transformational healing spaces.

We are so grateful to have them on our team - their devotion to the Medicine of Love is beyond words.

What our Tribe says..

Read about past experiences from our dear brothers and sisters.

“The retreat has been the most transformative for me and my partner! It changed our lives and we now have so much more clarity about our vision and creating our magical life together! The workshops were incredibly powerful and we left with tools for life! Feeling reborn, strong and determined to stay in love and light! Thank you so much for this transformation and see you at the next retreat!”

Iana & Angelo

“Medicine of Love made me experienced a strong shift in my life. I went out of the retreat feeling more expanded, more conscious, more aware, more confident and way more empowered to be fully myself. The ceremonies with the sacred plants (Ayahuasca and Bufo) were the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I really experienced what is it to transcend duality and becoming the pure Light of Consciousness. The safe space created in workshops by Mystery and Ra contributed for me to release stuck or repressed emotions, to feel welcomed and allowed in all my shades and to express my voice vulnerably and unapologetically. I now can see, feel and dream big for what I am becoming.”


“It is hard to put into words what this journey with Medicine of Love has brought into my world. It has been an initiation, a deep dive into the core essence of my being and I'm now emerging on the other side, feeling like a newborn. They created an incredibly powerful and safe container for this transformation to take place. I felt held and supported all along the way and I am so incredibly grateful for the miracles that took place in those mountains.”


“A deep profound transformation, a blissful and authentic experience of healing and personal development that goes beyond our normal teachings and apprenticeships. I decided to apply to this 7 days retreat for healing myself from those old emotional patterns that were holding me down in to a normal and superficial routine. I was holding so much that I though that, by suppressing what was not welcome in my life, it would led me to the end of my suffering. I didn't even recognise how heavy was my backpack of unsolved issues. The Medicine of Love, and the AMAZING FORMIDABLE Crew of HEALERS showed me that more we feel and we open ourselves to the process of releasing by allowing ourselves to the vulnerability... more we access to deeper transformations and as caterpillars we evolve in beings with colourful and strong wings , ready to see the new world like never before.”


I would love to connect..

If you have any questions regarding the initiation journey, want to have a personal chat or simply want to sign up, please feel free to contact us.

Whatsapp / Telegram Ra via +34 658 44 88 94

Beloved, we welcome you back home.

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Medicine of Love
An Ancient Prayer

3-9 July 2023, Spain

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